Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner Pencil!

This Revlon eyeliner is my favorite for my waterline. It doesn’t have a pencil, nor gel texture.. it has a smooth feel that glides on perfectly on your waterline. It takes a few swipes to get it the way I like it, but when I finish, it looks really good. It definitely doesn’t take long, nor does it feel weird or hurt when you put it on. It’s super pigmented, but it doesn’t stay all day. It’s supposed to stay for 16 hours, but I’d say it lasts for three. That’s not bad, because I usually just wear it to school so I can reapply quickly during my lunch break so that it lasts all through my school day, but I’d like it to last longer. Although, this is the longest lasting eyeliner I have for my waterline, so that’s really good. All my other ones lasted for one, maybe two. This eyeliner also gives your eyes a dramatic effect and it doesn’t smear or smudge.


Color Whisper Lip Sticks!

This is my favorite lip stick by Maybelline – the colors are so pretty (there’s twenty shades in total – a very big variety!) and very pigmented. It feels so soft on your lips – not sticky or clumpy at all. It doesn’t even need lip gloss; it’s pretty shiny on its own! It stays on for a long time – not the whole day, but for a few hours. It’s really moisturizing and keeps your lips moist throughout the day. You don’t feel like there’s something on your lips because it’s very lightweight. I currently have petal rebel, which is a light pink color, but the next time I go to the pharmacy, I’m definitely getting more! Learn more about them here!

Clarisonic Mia!

This is probably my favorite beauty product… ever. I know it’s expensive, but you can get cheaper ones on ebay (click here!) or other websites – it’s definitely worth it. It gets rid of a lot of your bumps – that’s the most noticeable thing it does. I used to have a lot of bumps on my forehead, and they’re completely gone. It made so much of a difference. It also gives you such a refreshing feel and makes your skin feel clean and soft. If I had to get rid of all my beauty products but keep one, I would definitely keep this. You don’t have to use and keep buying the face wash it comes with – use any! It also removes makeup effortlessly.  I personally have the Clarisonic Mia, but there’s a lot of other models. To learn more, look here!

Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream

I wasn’t very impressed with this BB cream, mostly because of it’s coverage. I usually only wear BB cream so that my cheeks aren’t red, but it didn’t even give me that. I guess if you simply want a bit of coverage and you don’t have red cheeks (or you don’t care about that) then you should get this. There is something really good about this, though – the SPF. It has sunscreen in it, so I don’t have to wear any on my face, which is good because I hate putting slimy sunscreen on. I think the main reason for this BB cream is for the sunscreen, so if that was the only one, then I’d give it a 10/10. But since it isn’t, and it says it should give you coverage, I don’t. Although, it does smell good! It smells a bit like sunscreen but I like that smell. if you’re simply looking for a bit of a tinted sunscreen, then this is perfect for you! Click here to learn more if you’re interested!

Yes To Cucumbers Facial Towelettes!

These makeup wipes remove all of your makeup in one wipe! They’re amazing on your face, leaving it with a tingly feel, and it’s not bad on your eyes unless you put them on your eyes a lot. If you do that, it’ll sting your eyes a bit, but that usually doesn’t happen for me. I use them every night right after I get back from school so that my skin is clean and so that I feel fresh. I also don’t have to wash my whole face right away since that takes too long and I like to do that right before I go to bed. These facial wipes also smell good! They smell like cucumbers, obviously, which is invigorating and refreshing. It basically smells clean! If you want to know more about this product or about other products by this brand, click here!

Clean & Clear Advantage Collection!

This is probably my favourite face collection. Like, ever. It clears my skin so amazingly. I used to have an average amount of acne, but now, I don’t even have to put makeup on sometimes to look my best. I feel so much more confident now that I have used this line! It is very inexpensive; I bought it at target for $17, which was 100% worth it, anyways. The collection comes with a cleanser, moisturizer (which I bought in the full form, because it was just so amazing) and spot treatment. The cleanser is very gentle on your skin and works great. It removes all excess oil, makeup and dirt from your face in one wash. The moisturizer softens your face like crazy and gives your skin a natural glow. The spot treatment, my favourite product from the line, is undeniably life changing. You simply put a dot on a pimple, and in a couple of days, it vanishes. All the products from the line have Salicylic acid, which prevents and destroys acne. Clean and Clear has really blown me away by their great acne treating products.

A Fast Way to Remove Makeup

My favourite, and fastest way to remove makeup, is by using facial wipes. The best ones, according to me, are Simple Exfoliating Facial Wipes. They remove makeup so effortlessly and easily! They are also great for nourishing your skin; they provide two vitamins that soften, revive and improve your skin. Simple’s cleansing wipes are also great for removing makeup (including waterproof mascara!). For a dollar cheaper, it provides one vitamin that still smoothes and restores your skin. They both include twenty five sheets per pack. I love the way they feel on my skin; it tingles and feels so refreshed after using them. It takes off makeup in only one or two swipes; I simply love them!