Introduction: Is Innocent Teen Beauty by an Innocent Teen?

Hi! My name is Olivia :), and yes, I am an innocent thirteen year old. I love experimenting with beauty products, so I thought, why not start a blog about whether I like the products or not! Starting very soon, I will be reviewing some of the newest and coolest products out there! I will blog about multiple things, including face products, hair products, body products and nail products. I will also talk about the hottest trends a few times a month!

Feel free to email me at!

Thank you, and I look forward to blog a lot! Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Introduction: Is Innocent Teen Beauty by an Innocent Teen?

    • Haha thanks! And yeah, me too, but only a bit of mascara at twelve. At thirteen, I got interested in beauty products so I started trying a lot of them out and then decided to make a blog!

      • Me too at twelve, mascara and a bit of eyeliner. At thirteen I tried some foundation and then knicked a few of my mothers things, ofcourse:p
        I gave them back pretty soon though. The colours weren’t my thing and then the crazy started:p

  1. I had no idea you’re only 13 until I got to this blog entry–you write very well for your age! Love your blog entries and the products you’re blogging about are all great!

    • Thank you! I just saw your post about Suave’s Dry shampoo – very interesting – and totally true! I have it too, and you were completely honest and truthful 🙂

      • Thanks for the feedback! It’s my favorite of the dry shampoos I’ve tried and I’ve tried many of them (and spent more money on them than I care to admit, haha). Have you tried their new dry shampoo with the keratin infusion?

      • I’ve only ever tried 3; Suave’s one is my second favourite; Dove’s is my first. No, I’ve never tried that one! Why, is it good?

      • I haven’t tried the one with keratin infusion either, but probably will at some point. So you like the Dove dry shampoo? I was thinking of trying it when Suave one I have now runs out!

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