My favourite mascaras! : One by One and Voluminous Million Lashes

These two mascaras are currently my favourites. Which one is better? I simply do not know; they’re both amazing!

One by One Mascara by Maybelline

This mascara is either my favourite or second favourite out of all the mascaras I have ever used. I have tried some of the other ‘Volum’ Express’ mascaras by Maybelline, but they weren’t as good as One by One. This mascara, like it’s name, separates all the lashes, giving each lash a twist of volume (one by one). Some people don’t like it because it apparently doesn’t give enough volume, but I simply love it! I find it offers lots of volume and length, with NO clumps at all (I hate clumps!). Even if you’re afraid to try it out, buy it, and if you think it doesn’t give volume (only length), then just add a top coat of a different mascara. One of my favourite things about it is that the bottle is SO cute! I love pink, so this was one of the aspects of why I bought it, but after I did, I realized it was an excellent choice!

Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara by L’Oreal Paris

This mascara was my favourite until One by One came. After I bought it, I couldn’t decide whether I liked Voluminous Millions Lashes by L’Oreal Paris one or One by One more! The mascara, like the ad says, “millionizes” your lashes; it makes it look like you have millions of voluminous lashes! It hardly gives any clumps, but if it does, they are very small. The bottle is so nice and sleek, and the wand is very handy and easy to use, with tons of bristles at just the right length. It volumizes your lashes so well!


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