Best Lip Treatment: Nivea Lip Care!

I don’t use lip balms often, usually because I don’t have the time or I just swipe on a coat of  lip gloss every morning. When I bought Nivea Lip Care lip balm, I used it once in a while, usually just to put under my lip gloss. My lips are usually fine, so I didn’t put much on. One day in the winter, my lips were chapped and gross feeling, so I put on a coat of this, and I was like, hmm, this actually works well! I didn’t put any lip gloss on, and I realized that it was great on its own, and stayed on for the whole day! I am currently wearing it (in cherry), and it smells awesome, plus my lips are completely shiny! It leaves your lips feeling refreshed, treated and amazing!


4 thoughts on “Best Lip Treatment: Nivea Lip Care!

  1. I haven’t tried Nivea, but I will at some point. Have you checked the Asian beauty sites, they sell these other flavors we don’t have in the US like guava and pomegranate! But they’re more expensive than the stores sell Nivea balm here.

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