Conair Instant Heat Straightener and Pro Beauty Tools 3 Zone Curling Iron

First of all, I’ll start with my favourite hair styling tools that I use almost every day for school; Conair Instant Heat Straightener and Pro Beauty Tools Curling Iron. I literally use these tools every morning, which means they don’t take long to heat up, since I’m always in a rush.


This straightener is the only straightener I’ve ever had, but I absolutely love it. It makes my hair so pretty! It literally takes only a minute or less to heat up. There’s a dial that lets you pick the exact temperature you’d like, which is very useful. It doubles as a curler, which gives nice waves, but I don’t seem to use it much since I have my fabulous other curling iron. It’s very simple and practical; the only thing used to turn it on is a little button! I got it as a gift, so I’m not sure what the price is, and I’m not even sure it is in stores anymore. Even if it isn’t, if you’re looking for a top quality straightener, make sure to buy it from Conair; I love their products!

Curling Iron

This curling iron was also my first ever curler. It has three sections of heat, and the heat dials let you make different heat combinations! For example, if you want waves, you could put Low>High>Low. If you want full, voluminous curls, you would put Medium>Medium>Medium. These heat zones work perfectly, and really give you the kind of curl you’d like. It also comes with a little stand, which I like because when it gets too hot, I don’t want it to burn anything. Like it says on the box, it only takes thirty seconds to heat up; the fastest heating tool ever! I love the 9 foot long cord; it lets me go around the room, unlike a lot of other irons. I got mine at Target for forty dollars, which might seem like a lot, but it is definitely worth it.


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