Fun Lip Products!: Bella Bellissima

The Bella Bellissima lipstick was my first lipstick ever, the one I got in this little compact kit. I never liked lipsticks, since they were too grown-up-ish, and made me look older, which I didn’t like. After I tried on this first lipstick, I thought I wasn’t going to like it, even if it had a cute little design. After I tried it, I absolutely loved it! It didn’t make me look too much older; it was pretty, and simply gave colour to my lips. It glides so easily and perfectly on your lips. The pink one, the one I got, was beautiful. Another one I bought later on, the red one, gave a bit more of a mature look, but kids under 16, which I thought when I was a kid was the appropriate lipstick age, will be able to get away with it easily! Enough about the lipstick (which was probably the star of the kit), I also love the other lip products, especially  the lip glosses, which make your lips look so glamourous. They make them feel so soft and picture perfect. I will definitely buy Bella Bellissima‘s lip products again!


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