Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream

I wasn’t very impressed with this BB cream, mostly because of it’s coverage. I usually only wear BB cream so that my cheeks aren’t red, but it didn’t even give me that. I guess if you simply want a bit of coverage and you don’t have red cheeks (or you don’t care about that) then you should get this. There is something really good about this, though – the SPF. It has sunscreen in it, so I don’t have to wear any on my face, which is good because I hate putting slimy sunscreen on. I think the main reason for this BB cream is for the sunscreen, so if that was the only one, then I’d give it a 10/10. But since it isn’t, and it says it should give you coverage, I don’t. Although, it does smell good! It smells a bit like sunscreen but I like that smell. if you’re simply looking for a bit of a tinted sunscreen, then this is perfect for you! Click here to learn more if you’re interested!


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