Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner Pencil!

This Revlon eyeliner is my favorite for my waterline. It doesn’t have a pencil, nor gel texture.. it has a smooth feel that glides on perfectly on your waterline. It takes a few swipes to get it the way I like it, but when I finish, it looks really good. It definitely doesn’t take long, nor does it feel weird or hurt when you put it on. It’s super pigmented, but it doesn’t stay all day. It’s supposed to stay for 16 hours, but I’d say it lasts for three. That’s not bad, because I usually just wear it to school so I can reapply quickly during my lunch break so that it lasts all through my school day, but I’d like it to last longer. Although, this is the longest lasting eyeliner I have for my waterline, so that’s really good. All my other ones lasted for one, maybe two. This eyeliner also gives your eyes a dramatic effect and it doesn’t smear or smudge.


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