Ultimate Protection: Degree Deodorants

Degree deodorants have never let me down. They protect me from sweat all throughout the day, and smell amazing. I would be lying if I said it was my favourite smelling deodorant, but it is definitely on the list. My favourite smelling brand is Secret deodorant, which a lot of teenagers love as well. But I like Secret for the smell, not the protection. It does a wonderful job at protecting, but I find Degree does it a tiny twinge better. It doesn’t let a drop of sweat escape its wall. It’s perfect! I usually use Degree Nature Effects deodorant, but I think it got discontinued, so I was thinking about purchasing the new “Expert Protection” motion activated line, which seems really cool. I’m so excited!


Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion

I have no idea when Aveeno‘s first daily lotion came out, but I have been using it forever. It makes your skin so soft, and it feels good because, one, its soft texture hugs everything on your body and two, it is made of different minerals that help nourish the skin, and are very eco-friendly. Like it says on the bottle, it is clinically proven to moisturize your skin for a full twenty four hours. It speaks the truth! My skin feels soft and beautiful throughout the whole day. It is not greasy at all! If there would be one tiny little thing that I didn’t like, is that it’s fragrance-free. I love feeling and smelling great, but one of the two is still wonderful!

Victoria’s Secret Body Mists

I don’t shop at Victoria’s Secret too often, but when I do, I head straight to the body mist section. Their selection of fragrances shock me; they have so many different beautiful scents! They all have a Victoria’s Secret touch twisted into them, giving them a more flirty scent. My favourite is Coconut Passion (coconut and vanilla), but then again, I’ve only tried four fragrances. Vanilla Lace is probably also in my favourites. Browse the scents here!

What Wakes You Up in the Morning?: Clean & Clear Morning Burst

Just like the commercial, clean & clear morning burst actually works. When I watched the commercial, I didn’t believe it. When I tried it, I proved myself wrong. It woke me right up! The bursting beads grab your skin and nourish it while cleansing it, waking up your face/body. I bought the face scrub and the body wash (charge), and both work excellently.

Greatest Smell in Body Wash: Softsoap Body Butter

Softsoap Body Butter comes in three different scents: vanilla, coconut and strawberry. I own vanilla and strawberry, but I hope to buy coconut soon! I don’t solely like these body butters because of their amazing scent, I also like them because they hydrate your skin completely, and make you feel really good and clean after you come out of the shower. At first, my mom bought the strawberry one (because I love strawberry!) and I wasn’t too sure about it; it looked a bit weird to me. After I tried it out for the first time, I was completely shocked of how much I liked it! Buy it at almost any pharmacy for under four dollars!